We skin, clean, & cut fresh halal chicken per your order: Whole Chicken (~3.5lb), Baby Chicken (~2.5lb), Leg Quarters, Minced Chicken, Boneless Leg/Thigh/Breast Meat.

We carry halal baby goats that are approximately 18-22 lbs in size which can be ordered as: Whole Goat or Half Goat (w/ Goat legs), Mixed Goat (w/o Goat legs), Goat Leg, Minced Goat, Goat Chops, Liver, or Brain.


Halal Chicken & Goat

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Cut only when ordered

Huge selection of Indian fish

We import a variety of fish from the Indian waters. As such, all of our fish with the exception of Catfish come frozen. We thaw, scale, clean and cut the fish according to the size you prefer.

We stock the following varieties of fish: Baila, Bhetke, Black/White Pomfret, Bombay Duck, Catfish, Hilsa, Karimeen, Katla, Kingfish, Koi, Korameenu, Mirgal, Pabda, Rohu, Sardines, & Shrimp.